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  • The Physiotherapy is used widely nowadays,mostly for three areas: disease prevention,disease treatment,rehabilitation therapy.   Physical therapy is of great practical value in postoperative
  • [2018-10-04] ShockWave Therapy
    Shockwave is a mechanical pulse pressure wave that is conducted through a medium of physical mechanism, that converts a pneumatically generated pulse sound wave into a precise ballistic shock wave.
  • The Five Most Common Diseases Of The Elderly   1.Hypertension(High Blood Pressure) High Blood Pressure is a common disease among middle-aged and elderly people and also a major disease
  • Sports Protection---Braces&Supports Now,the sports are more and more popular,from Children to Adult,especially outdoor sports. But most people are ignoring health protection in the process of
  • [2016-12-10] Health Patches
    Health Patches Introduction Health patches' main ingredient is chinese herbal extracts and other nutritions. For different indications,often the ingredient are different. Becasue the health
  • [2016-08-15] The Bones Of Hand
      The Bones Of Hand      
  • Five Common Types Of Injuries In The Knee   1.cruciate ligament tear 2.episome 3.arthromeningitis 4.cartilage injury 5.meniscus tear  
  •     The foot bones, including the tarsal bone, the metatarsal bone, and the phalanges bone. The tarsus bone is a short bone, located at the close side of the foot, which
  • [2015-08-17] Braces&Supports
    Braces and Supports in our daily life The braces and supports are used for sports protection,orthopedic rehabilitation help,orthotic, like knee support,ankle support,neck support,etc.They are
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