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Physiotherapy Application

2019-03-10 10:00:10

The Physiotherapy is used widely nowadays,mostly for three areas: disease prevention,disease treatment,rehabilitation therapy.


Physical therapy is of great practical value in postoperative recovery and functional reconstruction of the disabled

About the disease treatment,often can be used for:

(1) anti-inflammatory effect, physiotherapy can promote the absorption and dissipation of inflammation, according to the nature of inflammation, can choose a variety of therapies.

(2) analgesic effect, mainly on nerve, joint, muscle pain and spasmodic pain of the internal organs.

(4) excitatory effect, mainly used for nerve paralysis, muscular atrophy, local sensory disorders.

(5) relieve spasm.

(6) release adhesion and soften scar

In addition, it also have the function of desensitization, bactericidal, cancer cure,antipyretic,hidrosis,etc.


Most of all,the physical therapy is also of great practical value in postoperative recovery,functional reconstruction of the disabled and other rehabilitation therapy.


Physiotherapy mainly includes: ultrasound therapy,electrotherapy,magnetotherapy,shock wave therapy,air compression therapy,laser therapy,hot cold therapy,hydrotherapy,phototherapy,traction therapy,etc.