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Large Elevated Plastic Toilet Seat with Adjustable Legs

Large Elevated Plastic Toilet Seat with Adjustable Legs

Item No.: AY-SC0104

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Elevated toilet seat for standard or elongated toilet bowls.

Foam armrests for added stability

Aluminum legs can be adjusted to fit toilet height. Bracket helps reduce slippage.

Please measure your toilet before purchasing. There must be a minimum of 4.25 inches between the toilet seat bolts and a gap of at least ¼"between the toilet seat in the raised position and the porcelain surface of the toilet.




Seat Elevation (inches):4

Toilet Style: Standard and Elongated

Locking Mechanism: Slip-In Lok-In-El Bracket

Seat Dimensions (inches):4(h)x22.5(w)x16(d)

Dimensions of Opening (inches):8(w)x10(d)

Width between Arms (inches):18

Height of Frame (inches):25

Overall width:22.5"

Open width:18.5"

Weight capacity:400 lbs

Weight:9 lbs


Delivery time: normally within 7-30 days or according to the ordered quantity