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Hinged Arm Sling Arm Elbow Immobilization Brace Support

Hinged Arm Sling Arm Elbow Immobilization Brace Support

Item No.: AY-EA013

Size: universal,left/right

Material: aluminium alloy,cloth

Color: black

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Functions: arm support, post-operation arm immobilization,arm fracture immobilization,arm injury pretection,etc


Indications: deltoid muscle paralysis, supraspinous tendon rupture, shoulder elbow joint fracture and dislocation reduction, shoulder elbow joint surgery, brachial plexus injury



1. flexion&extension adjustable
2. durable&comfortable
3. ergonomics design

4. high quality hinge
5. breathable material

Delivery time: normally within 15-45 days or according to the ordered quantity